Shelley Lumsden


Brief info

Family:  My other half is Nate Grandlund and I have three kids: Mason, Gabby and Gigi.  We have two spoiled labs, ESPN and Xtra as well as a fat cat named Fluffy Fluff

When did you start shooting? 4 years ago

Favorite Discipline to shoot:  I have only shot trap but planning on trying skeet and/or sporting clays.

Reasons for coaching: Like a pulley system, I am here to lighten the load so that no coach ever feels overwhelmed.

Favorite part of coaching:  I like the behind the scenes activities: planning, organizing, scoring and data entry.

What do you enjoy doing for fun: on the sidelines I am in my sewing room building top secret crafty things.

One random thing:  I've been building roadway systems for over 20 years.  I now work for the MN Dept. of Transportation as a Transportation Generalist Senior specializing in contract administration as a construction inspector.